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​Create your membership website with Wordpress

​​​​Own a Membership Website for ​almost ​FREE.

​​Without paying ​expensive monthly fees from external membership services ​like Clickfunnels, Teachable...

​for only ​89.9​9$ (no hidden fees, one-time payment)

✓ ​Create your membership website with Wordpress easily!

You ​have no idea how to setup ​a membership ​website?

​​​You might have decided to create a membership ​area to share some private content with your most loyal audience.

​​​You would like to secure your ebooks, course, media files (audio, videos) and only allow access to the customers who purchased them.

But you don't know how to do it yet, so you are reading a lot of recommendations on the internet.

​You run ​into some ​recommended plugins​ like Memberpress, LearnDash, Restricted Content Pro​... But most of ​those plugins have recurrent fees.

​Also, some well-known web entrepreneurs told you to ​subscribe to a monthly service like ClickFunnels, Teachable, Udemy, Thinkific...

​Imagine if you could create a membership website by yourself without ​​paying a monthly subscription

​What if I ​show you how to create your membership website for almost nothing with Wordpress and a lifetime FREE plugin (s2Member)?

So if everyone can do it, you might be wondering:

"Why a lot of web entrepreneurs recommend subscribing to paid services like ClickFunnel, Teachable, Udemy or else?"

The truth is: They don't know how to create a membership website by themselves and it will take too much time to figure how to set up it.

So they prefer using membership software from tech companies.

Membership software can look easy to use, but the fact is: non-technical web entrepreneurs have to hire an IT freelancer to help them with the setup...

✓ ​​​Save money

You are a new web entrepreneur and you can't afford expensive monthly fees

​Besides, hiring a tech to set up your Click​Funnels or ​Teachable backend, monthly ​subscription fees can very expensive for a new web entrepreneur who doesn't make a lot of sales yet.

  • ClickFunnel cost ​97$ Monthly​​.
  • ​Teachable ​asks you to pay 348$ ​for the first year.

​Avoid the risk of the deficit on your sells

​If you subscribe to one of that membership software, you must be sure that what your sells will be high enough to cover your charges.

Let's say you are selling an ebook for 9.99$, and you are barely selling 3 books per month (so a total of 29.99$ gross profit).

You will end with a deficit of 67.03$ per month if you are using Clickfunnels.

How much you can save?

Now, let's calculate how much you can save money if you are creating your membership website.

​​​If you are running your online business for 5 years, you will pay exactly 5820$ for ClickFunnels, 1740$ for Teachable and only 89.99$ for this course.

You will be able to save from 1650$ to 5730$!

✓ ​​Include a Membership Theme for Wordpress

​You will receive ​my original Membership Theme with this course

​​​This course comes with my Membership Wordpress Theme: The "Memberships Fred".

It will make your membership website looks like a Learning Management System.

With this theme, you can set up your login page, product list page easily.

​User-friendly, improving the navigation through your courses and product with a breadcrumb, a sidebar on the left who listing all the pages of your course...

✓ ​​Unlimited updates for the ​Course and the Theme

​Free updates

​​​​​I'm using this system on my websites​.

When I do some updates on this course and the ​Membership Theme, you ​will get all ​those updates​ ​for ​FREE.

✓ ​​​Satisfaction guarantee

​30 Days money back satifaction guarantee

​​​​If you are not satisfied with the product, ​if you send me an email within 30 days after your purchase, I will ​refund it via Paypal without any questions.

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