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Genesis Fred

​​A highly customizable, optimized WordPress Theme for bloggers.

Using ​the Studiopress Genesis ®*, a fast and SEO friendly ​Framework.

​for only 29.9​9$ (no hidden fees, one-time payment, unlimited updates)

✓ A highly customizable theme

Select the colors you like

​Most of the Wordpress themes on the market, only allows you to choose predefined and limited color sets.

It can be frustrating when you want to choose the perfect colors for your business.

And if you want redefine the color of your menu, links​ or H tags​, you will generally have to learn programming and try ​to write some CSS code to override the existing style.

With Genesis Fred, you can change precisely the colors of numerous elements of your website: Title, navigation bar, links, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 tags, buttons, paginations, widgets' titles, list links...

​Hide and show the pieces of information you want

​​​​In some forums, Facebook groups: I always see some people who would like to only show the logo of their website, hide the published date, hide comments, hide author name, ​hide categories but show tags...​

No need to add some code in your functions.php or else.

With ​Genesis Fred,​ you can ​hide ​or show ​all those in the theme settings.

A ​toolbox of styles and shortcodes ​​ready to use

​The theme integrates a lot of CSS classes and shortcodes.

You can use them to ​create easily some ​​tabs, accordions box, columns, different colored box, buttons, ​call to action links...

✓ ​​Rank better 

​​Search Engine Optimization​ (SEO) Friendly

​As the theme using Genesis Framework (by Studiopress), it's already ​built for SEO.​

It's ​as if you have ​your team working on the structure of your website.

Implementing last trends (HTML5,, Breadcrumbs...) indefinitely for you (because it's just one-time payment).

✓ ​Fast and lightweight

​​Enough of overloaded "pro" themes​

​I see frequently supposed professional Wordpress themes being heavy.

Those make you fetch a lot of files (CSS, Javascript), add some non-optimized code into your webpages or force you to use some tier plugins (ACF fields, Slider Revolution, Ninja forms...)​.

As ​​it takes more time to load​, it can hurt your SEO and audience's visit time.

Google and ​performance measurement website ​such as Pingdom, Gtmetrix ​simply gives you a bad score.

Genesis Fred generates only one ​lightweight CSS file​​ and doesn't use external plugins.

Score on Gtmetrix* : 

*The score can vary and depends several factors (server performances, cache plugin, size of images...)


✓ ​Responsive theme

​​​Can adapt to​ any device: PC, Tablet, Smartphone...

Responsive means ​that the theme ​can adapt​ and resize depending ​on the screen size of your device.

This includes dynamically resizing fonts, images​ and arranging blocks as well as increasing user readability.

✓ ​​Unlimited updates

​Free ​periodically updates

​​As I'm currently using this theme for my own websites, ​​​I'm updating it periodically. 

​You can ​get all the updates ​for free.

✓ ​​​Satisfaction guarantee

​30 Days money back satifaction guarantee

​​​If you are not satisfied by the product, ​if you send me an email within 30 days after your purchase, I will ​refund it via Paypal without any questions.

When most of Genesis Framework's official child themes cost around 74.96$, I give you my whole work for only 29.99$ (Limited time).

After the purchase, you will receive ​an ​email to access your product.

Payments are secured by Paypal

*​Genesis Fred is a Child Theme for Genesis Framework

​Genesis Framework​ is a ​prerequisite to use this Theme.

If you don't own the Genesis Framework, please ​purchase ​it first.
Genesis Framework is ​software developed by ​Studiopress, optimized for SEO.

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